FORMA is a system of industrialized building construction, allowing complete freedom when the architect designs. The system allows a variety of building solutions with a formal result. The walls and ceilings of these buildings are ASSEMBLED in large panels, which once transported the location, will be mounted with a Crane within a period of three or four days at most. The walls ARE coming with windows, doors, and so on already installed. Within two or three weeks, the rest of equipment such as the kitchen, toilets, mechanical, drainage, supplies, the roof, facade cladding, and finishes.

The system can be used in any construction, with small or medium volume like: detached buildings, terraced buildings, renovations, extensions adding more floors, structural refurbishments, etc.

FORMA is based on structures of timber framing wall and timber solid slabs for floors. The roof and facade cladding are chosen by the designer, without limitation of materials or techniques. The roof can be flat or sloped: the first one for human traffic or not, and the second one covered with tiles, metal or any suitable material. The walls can be finished in stone, ceramics or timber cladding as weatherboards or any type of finishing in timber.

It is also possible built cavity wall with brick work to be finishing or a support for any other finishing. FORMA is a system which allows built very quickly any project.

FORMA has a technical team which can advise the architect of the client, or can take over the project and the project management in the event that the user does not have its own architect. The plans of the projects adapted to our own project or accepted by the user, is transferred to our workshop where they make the corresponding budged and once accepted, the building will be manufactured on time. Once manufactured, will be organized the transportation and assembly.

FORMA is built with high quality materials and guaranteed certificates. All the timber, thermal insulation and coating materials are certified according to European standards, treated according to their position and work use. Our structures using low cost materials for energy production, and therefore low emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). The glazes used are based in water, with no emanation of toxic products. The lightness of the structures and speed of execution is to form a system with a high degree of sustainability in construction technique.

FORMA is a system designed according all the current Spanish building regulations. All requirements of the Technical Building Code, structural, fire safety for use against earthquakes, etc., are fulfilled by FORMA and our technical team will make the necessary calculations and provide documents attesting to technical suitability of the system.


1 Factory Testing. The walls of a familiar house.

2 Transfer a facade panel with a crane.

3 Installation of a wall structure with facilities.

4 Installation of wooden slabs of the floor. The first floor.

5 Transfer a facade panel with a crane.

6 Transfer a facade panel with a crane.